A Short Study on the Kingdom Parables

September 22, 2021

Today, a new study on the kingdom parables in Mark chapter four (and Matthew chapter 13) was added to the Mark page. There is also a short summary of this on the Devotional Quickstep page. It is very encouraging. I plan to use this study in Japanese online tonight.


47 Years Ago Today

September 1, 2021

On September 1, 1974, I arrived in Japan for the first time. On the long, slow train ride south and west from Tokyo, the scene out the window looked something like this. The only somewhat familiar thing was a Coca-Cola truck in the distance. It was not much comfort. The Lord was, however. Now, how I thank him for keeping me all these years and for giving me a family and a home in what was at-that-time a scary and unfamiliar land!

Proverbs & Northern Japan

August 29, 2021

We have been saving up to visit and minister in Hokkaido, the northern most island, SOMEDAY. (It looks a lot like Maine.) Because of  the pandemic, it may be years before we get to go, BUT two days ago an unknown Japanese user in Sapporo (the largest city) downloaded a dozen or so pages of studies in Proverbs. So in a way, we ministered in Hokkaido last week! (Google Analytics screen shot).


Mark Chapter 16

August 28-29, 2021

While working on the final study in Mark yesterday, it began to "come together" in a wonderful way. I believe the two parts of chapter 16 sharply contrast with each other for the benefit of Mark's Roman audience. Overcoming fear through faith and the Lord's power seems to be the goal.

See the Mark page for much more about this.


The Jewish Trial

August 27, 2021

Today, an eighth study in Mark was added to the Mark page. The summary diagram for it is shown below, but there is much more on the Mark page.

While working on the final study in Mark today, it began to "come together" in a wonderful way. I believe the two parts of chapter 16 sharply contrast with each other for the benefit of Mark's Roman audience. Overcoming fear through faith and the Lord's power seems to be the goal.
Only Mark mentions the physical need for someone to roll away the stone for the women (16:3). Only Mark mentions their great fear and fleeing (16:8). Roman soldiers would not have been impressed with this weakness and cowardice.
However, in the second part of the chapter (16:9-20), Mark stresses Jesus' power, including over demons in a special way  (16:9, 17) and the victories that the apostles enjoyed thereby. Jesus' power is stressed throughout Mark! The Romans would have loved this.
The rebuke that Jesus gave to the apostles for unbelief would have been appreciated by a loyal Roman Christian soldier, since belief and steadfastness in the fight go together. Even the reference to baptism in 16:16 fits, because in an era when Christians were persecuted, people were especially afraid of being baptized. This fear had to be overcome by faith, much like a Roman soldier needed to overcome his fear in the face of the enemy.
Thus seeing and appreciating the contrast—weakness vs. strength—in light of a Roman audience seems to be the key to Mark chapter 16. (There is no good reason to reject 16:9-20.)
How would you finish this unfinished descriptive summary diagram?


Jesus' Great Questions to the Scribes

August 25, 2021

Today, a seventh study in Mark was added to the new Mark page. The summary diagram below is shaped like the temple, because the Lord was teaching in the temple.


On Paying Roman Taxes

August 24, 2021

Today, a sixth study in Mark was added to the new Mark page. It is on the questions about paying Roman taxes (Mark 12:13-17). This was the first of three sets of difficult questions that he was asked by septics in chapter 12. Only the true Messiah could have answered all three so wonderfully. (Notice the use of Roman numeral shapes in the summary diagram below.) Go to the bottom of the Mark page for much more on this.


The Paralytic & The Open Ceiling

August 23, 2021

Today, a fifth study in Mark was added to the new Mark page. It is on the wonderful passage in chapter 2 about the healing of the paralytic who was lowered into the house to Jesus after part of the roof was removed. This is great passage for use in evangelism. Don't let anything keep your from Jesus! For much more on this see the Mark page!


This Mountain & The Sea

August 22, 2021

A fourth study in Mark have now been added to the new Mark page. It is on the passage in chapter 11 about believing and praying for "this mountain" to be cast into "the Sea."


How I use the Describe-It-Yourself Cards

August 21, 2021

Summary diagrams do not do our set of D.I.Y. cards justice, because with these cards I can ask myself and begin to think about up to 700 potentially important questions regarding a Bible passage is just one hour. That is fast! I usually go slower, but I always discover somethings that I would have missed otherwise. MANY studies on the website involve the use of this great tool.  The postcard below is an attempt to better explain how the set works.

THE NEW MARK PAGE which uses D.I.Y. cards.

Second & Third Study in Mark

August 20, 2021

A second and third study in Mark have been added to the new Mark page. All three of them are in passages which are longer than parallel ones in Matthew and Luke, even though Mark is much shorter as a whole. These studies help reveal the special emphasis in Mark on Jesus' power and authority over evil.


The Great Calm

August 17-18, 2021

How would you describe the calming of the sea in Mark 4:35-41? The summary chart below was finished up today, and will be used online Wednesday.

By the way, it is nearly impossible to find a photo of the Sea of Galilee with it perfectly calm. So what a great miracle / sign the great calm was to the disciples! One reason it was so shocking to them was because they probably expected Jesus to pray, like a prophet might do. Instead, he commanded the winds and the waves.

A new MARK page was also started today, with this as the first study. See this new page for a great devotional study by clicking the button below.


The Lord's Prayer as 3D

August 13, 2021

We had a good online study on Mat. 6:9-13 tonight. This graphic was added to the prayer webpage afterward as a result. Like intercessory prayer, the Lord's Prayer impacts the one(s) who pray(s). In addition, others are impacted as well. What a great, healthy, relational, prayer! It starts by putting God first (Mat. 6:9-10), since doing so is the way to overcome our natural selfishness.


The Lord's Prayer

August 12, 2021

Today, a new study of the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 was placed on a new Describe-It-Yourself page which is focused on prayer. The summary graphic for the study is shown below.

How is the Lord's Prayer OTHER WORLDLY?
1.) It is about not being like worried and worldly unbelievers. 2.) It is a prayer for the world to be dramatically changed to conform to God's will (6:10). 3.) Yet, in a way, it is not other worldly, because it is also wonderfully practical and balanced.

Click the button below to go to the new PRAYER FOCUS PAGE. Many more questions about the Lord's Prayer are asked and answered there. This is a great study and will probably be used in our online group tomorrow.


The Two Thieves

August 10, 2021

A study of the two thieves in Luke 23:39-43 was added to the Luke Describe-It-Yourself page today and will probably be the basis of the online Bible study on Wednesday. There are now SEVEN studies in the Luke D.I.Y. set.



August 6, 2021

A study of Zacchaeus was added to the Luke Describe-It-Yourself page today and was used in our online Bible study tonight. Zacchaeus is popular in churches today, especially for children's messages, but there is a great message for adults in Luke 19:1-10 as well. Like Jesus, we each should be willing to do the Father's will even if such is different from what people expect.


Mary in Luke Chapter One

August 4, 2021

Mary, the mother of the Lord, was a special woman. Yet, surprisingly little is recorded about her. She is famous, of course. Yet, she is in various ways also little known. Why?

For a unique interesting study of Mary and Luke chapter one, see the Luke Describe-It-Yourself page. The summary chart below is explained there. -- I plan to speak on Luke 1:26-56 next Sunday, and this chart was made as part of my preparation.


Bible Study Via Phone

August 2, 2021

Today, my retired truck-driver friend, Mr. Y., called as he often does, and we had a good Bible study for about 30 minutes. Since he lives far from us, in Yamaguchi City and there are no good churches in his city, our online studies and fellowship are a blessing. They are for me, as well.

Mitsy says I look much different now since I have lost over 30 pounds this year. I look older too, however.

New Study on Martha

August 2, 2021

How was Martha's complaint in Luke 10:40 sinful? Which of the many negatives on the summary chart below answer this question best? For more on this and a unique interesting way to study sin, see the Luke Describe-It-Yourself page. The summary chart below is a new improved one that was added today.

An improved summary chart was added for the great catch study as well.


The Parable of the Prodigal Son

July 31, 2021

The summary chart below was added to the Luke page today. This was part of my preparation for the message at the Noto church tomorrow. Several of the terms and phrases in the chart are explained on the Luke page. It's a great study. Please check it out. -- Of course, I will not speak on all 38 points tomorrow, but this chart helps ME see "the big picture" and the main points more clearly.


New Study on the Emmaus Road

July 27, 2021

How was Jesus' teaching on the Emma's Road PASTORAL, PERSONAL, and PERSUASIVE? For answers and to see how to play a new, fun, educational game, go to the new Luke D.I.Y. page which was begun yesterday.


New Study on the Great Catch in Luke

July 26, 2021

How was the great catch in Luke 5:1-11 ASTONISHING, ABOUT BEING INADEQUATE, FAR-REACHING, etc.? For answers and to see how to play this new, fun, educational game, go to the new Luke D.I.Y. page which was begun today.


New Study on David

July 17, 2021

Today, I did a Describe-It-Yourself study on the lament in 2 Samuel 1:17-27. The main summary charts for the study is shown below. One key observation is that God is never directly mentioned in the lament. Why not? Another key observation is that David wrote positively about Saul. How and why did he do so? Was he sincere or just being diplomatic?


1 John 1:9 Video

July 15, 2021

Tonight, I made a short (11 minute, 30 second) video message on 1 John 1:9 in which I demonstrated how I use the Describe-It-Yourself cards for personal study. It is a great message, AND it helps show what a truly wonderful tool the D.I.Y. card set is. Earlier still photos / graphics did not do the set justice.

A new and more flexible mini tripod made this video possible. For the first time, I was able to easily and quickly set the webcam at an inclined angle to view things (the file box and cards) on my desk!


Able to Do All Things Through Christ

July 14, 2021

Today, I compiled a set of P-term cards to be used in describing Philippians 4:13, that famous verse in which Paul said that he was able to do all things through Christ who strengthened him.

PLEASE go to the Philippians page for the full study! It may be one of the best we have ever made. It is encouraging and easy to understand and use with others.

click here to go to
the philippians page

Erasable FriXion Pens are Fantastic.

July 11, 2021

Tonight, during my devotional time, I used erasable pens to write out concise descriptive notes on loving, spiritual harmony in Christ as taught in Philippians 2:1-11. Since this was not a full-scale study, I did it all on a small card. (The adjectives used on the card are from our Describe-It-Yourself set.) Since I often change my mind and think of new or better terms to use, erasable pens are a great help. This is a wonderful Bible study and devotional method. My penmanship is not so wonderful, however. So I used a printer to make a neater card for this photo.

PLEASE check out FriXion Pens. They are made by Pilot here in Japan. In the U.S., you will find some at Staples. There is a far greater variety available here. I use various color FriXion pens in the early stages of message and Bible study preparation almost everyday and would be lost without them. (Caution: never use one for a legal document.)

Paper Cutter Meditation

July 8-22, 2021

I have been upgrading the Describe-It-Yourself cards set for weeks, so that there are about 800 cards today (July 22th). The CARL paper cutter shown beside me works great, and I am blessed THINKING — about various Bible passages — AS THE CARD ARE CUT. It was super thought provoking!

You probably never thought of an ordinary paper cutter as a super Bible study tool, but it sure can be! Click this small button for a quick look at the list of 800 cards.

the 800 cards / list file

Sweets, Fresh Air, and Disinfectant

June 29, 2021

Yesterday, we helped out at the Japan Baptist Bible College graduation. Mitsy was in charge of premaking many boxes of take-home sweets. YUM! Together, we were in charge of periodic ventilation (two side-doors) during the program. COOL!  Last but not least, we were in charge of administering disinfectant spray. A BIT SLIMY, BUT NECESSARY!

So what? Well, it shows that ministry can go from sweet and cool to somewhat slimy, all in one day. 😀 Yet, it is all a blessing.

How would you describe the Commander of the army of the Lord? He only appears briefly in three verses, in Josh. 5:13-15. Yet he did several foundational things in these few verses. Therefore most of the descriptive terms and phrases in the summary diagram below are verbal rather than adjectival. The Commander came to take charge or to show that he, rather than Joshua, was in charge of the battle of Jericho and by implication of all the other struggles that followed.

Elisha Summary Chart #1

June 22, 2021

The three key aspects of Elisha's ministry are summarized using Describe-It-Yourself cards. For an explanation of the three carefully chosen points, see the study near the bottom of the Elisha page.

elisha studies page

Describe It Yourself Cards as a Review Tool

June 20, 2021

As Pastor Saito spoke at the Kanazawa church this morning, I listened carefully for the various points and selected cards one-by-one from the Describe It Yourself set and put them in my shirt pocket. After the meeting, four of us got together at a table and used these selected cards to review and apply the message. It helped us SEE the main point of the passage (2 Chronicles chapter 29) much better. Now we have ANOTHER great way to use this wonderful set!

ELISHA SUMMARY CHART -- just finished!The four key aspects of Elisha's ministry are precisely summarized using Describe-It-Yourself cards. For a short explanation of the four carefully chosen points, please see the final study on the Elisha page

New Revelation Page

June 16, 2021

Today, a new page was added to the website for studies in the book of Revelation. For now, there are only three studies on this page, but more will probably be added later. Two of the studies are descriptive ones which make use of the new Describe It Yourself set of cards and were recently featured on the QuickStop Devotionals page.

studies in revlation

Happy Day!

June 15, 2021

No, it is not my birthday! June 15th is tax day for Americans overseas. So I was happy to be on my way to the postoffice to airmail the form to the U.S. We will get a small refund, but I am always VERY happy to finish the paper work for another year.

And speaking of small(er), I have lost 33 pounds (15 kgs.) in six months, mostly by only eating twice a day. Now at only 5' - 6" tall / short and 156 lbs. (71 kg.) I still am a little over, but it is difficult now to lose more.

Recent Ministries - Near & Far

June 10, 2021

In addition to tons of work around the house, Mitsy has been speaking to small ladies' meetings, translating Bible study materials, and preparing take-home gifts (snacks) for about 150 people expected at the Japan Baptist Bible College graduation at the end of the month. This year there are six graduates. So a large hall has been rented to help with social distancing.

In addition to speaking in churches in-person about twice a month and on line twice a week, I have made three short videos that go with studies in 2 Peter 1:5-7. For now, these are on the QuickStop Devotionals page. When the set of seven or eight is finished, they will be linked to the Second Peter page.

The second big project in recent days has been using and improving our 800 Describes-It-Yourself cards. (This new set is fantastic!) Some of this has appeared on the QuickStop Devotionals page. Yesterday and today, I worked on two passages in Romans, which are now attached to the website's Romans page.

There has been good coordination of new materials production for the website and use around the world with local ministry here in Japan.

Quickstop devotionals800 Describe-it card set


June 10, 2021

A few hours ago, an anonymous user near London printed out 17 studies on Lesser-Known Women in Bible. This is exciting because it shows that someone is serious about Bible studies. Also today, we heard from friends in northern Japan that a new Bible study has begun there using the same set.

How about getting copies of this great material and begin a new Bible study in your part of the world? Just click the link below.

lesser-known women

Inter-Varsity Press?

May 31, 2021

A month ago, on Friday, April 30th (Japan time), someone in Downers Grove, Illinois where Inter-Varsity Press is located downloaded four files including those of our studies on women in the Bible. (A few days earlier, I posted some information about these files on Facebook.) I suspect these file downloads were done by someone at Inter-Varsity Press because Downers Grove is not that big a place and because the pages in which interest was shown fit Inter-Varsity interests. (Also incidentally, at about the same time, there was an usual out-of-the-blue "friends request" from a lady we do not know.)

If this likely indirect connection with Inter-Varsity helps get God's word out to more people, that would be wonderful. If it leads to distortion and misuse of our material by an evangelical publisher that would not be a good thing. So this is mentioned here for two reasons. 1.) We are praying that our material will be discovered by Christian publishers, especially more conservative ones, and gain broader distribution and usage thereby. 2.) It may be helpful to have a record of this "contact" shown here in case we later discover that some of our material is being used for commercial purposes without our permission.

The Golden Road Home

May 27, 2021

Today, I finished the 22nd of 22 studies in Psalm 119, the one on verses 169-176. Click the link below to go to the page. The new material is always added at the bottom, following the order of the Psalm itself.

psalm 119 devotionals

Describe-It Cards & Last Sunday

May 25, 2021

Going through the Describe-It-Yourself cards during message preparation was a great blessing. I spoke on Psalm 119:137-144 which shows believers how to deal with the unrighteous. Jesus is not mentioned by name, of course, but the passage and the Bible as a whole reveal the need for God's righteous rule. This points to HIM. Also, my passage, like Rom. 3:23, shows that only God is righteous, a key gospel point. These two little cards helped me think about these great truths. The Describe-It-Yourself cards are a great tool and can be used to describe various passages, not just those with questions.

Question studies with Describe-it cards

Working on the Book of Job

May 4, 2021

For the past two days, I have been working on Studies in Job, especially updating the Summary Chart of Questions asked in Job shown below. Though this may look difficult to understand at first, there are many things that can be done with it. These will be added to the JOB page soon. There is a more readable and printable pdf printout available on that page now.

studies in job page

New Graphics for Psalm 119

April 29, 2021

Today, I discovered "Canva" which is a great source of Appalachian Trail photos to use with the 22 Psalm 119 devotionals. Seventeen years ago I used rough sketches with these studies, but from today I have many photos to choose from for backgrounds, like in the graphic below which goes with the study on verses 41-48. What an improvement! The devotionals look so much better with appropriate graphics! Ten of the 22 are now complete.

psalm 119 devotionals

Psalm 119 Games etc

April 21-22, 2021

Tonight, the Psalm 119 page was greatly improved and two games were added. These games should be great to use in youth meetings. Ordinarily, Psalm 119 is difficult to teach because it is so long. Now, however, using the trail like diagram below and the two new games it can be done in interactive and fun ways. Yet, the foundational truth of living by the Word will still be taught.

psalm 119 page

An International First

April 16, 2021

Today, "Dan" (his pen name) in Brazil joined our Friday online Bible study for the first time. He is the brother of Chiharu who is a member of our church here in Japan. It was a wonderful study, with various ones sharing insights on Matthew chapter three and what we can learn for John the Baptist regarding our testimony for Christ today. The study was mostly in simple English with some Japanese and Portuguese added in as well. It was a fantastic blessing! (8 pm in Japan is 8 am in eastern Brazil.)

Newsletter Copy

April 15, 2021

Today, I used the Snappa app. a new way, to make a newsletter. Those of you with a desktop, laptop, or tablet should be able to read it ok. Smart phone? Those with translation software will be stuck with the English since it it a graphic. Sorry.

Tonight's Topic & Today's Poster

April 14, 2021

This new poster which I made with the Snappa program today was used during our online Japanese Bible study this evening. Tonight we discussed the various verbs involved in God communicating to people. What verbs can you think of? -- See today's devotional for more on this.

4/15 devotional101 page

Cherry Blossoms & Optical Cable

April 8, 2021

The cherry trees near our house (shown) are now in full bloom. We can measure a year by the blossoms return, and It was exactly a year ago, in the midst of COVID lockdowns, that we started working on the software and study material for the website. It first bloomed in a multi-lingual way yesterday!

The trees are beautiful, but we are also thankful for our high speed internet connection via optical cable. The cable along with the power line do not show up well in this photo, but they allows our Bible studies and devotionals to now show up around the world. Thank you, Lord, for having the town supply this great internet connection for a very low price.

Somewhat Multi-lingual from Today

April 5, 2021

Today, we began using a company (Weglot) to quickly put many of the website pages into Japanese, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. The work is done by translation software. So quality is lacking in various ways, but it was done quickly and is far better than nothing.

In addition, Luis, a medical doctor in our church who is originally from Nicaragua, translated yesterday's Luke 24 devotional into Spanish for the website. Some of his friends in Central America use the site some. His wife, Chiharu, who is of Japanese decent but grew up in Brazil also has family members who try to use the website. Even having it in far-from-perfect Portuguese and Japanese will help them.

First In-Person Visit in Six Months

April 1, 2021

It has been great to visit with Amy and family this week. Our year old granddaughter (in photo) and nearly four year old grandson (hiding in back of the table) are a lot bigger than last time. This photo shows cherry blossoms at a Mount Fuji area lake, about an hour away from Pastor Ken & Amy's home / church. (I will be going home to the other side of Japan today, but Mitsy will be staying at Amy's for a few more days.)

New Website Page

March 28, 2021

Yesterday, I finished updating the GOD's VIP's booklet which contains five ranked lists, including one of the Top 60 Women in the Bible. This is a great addition to the website. The updating and checking took a few days of work, but it should be worth it.

Back / Hip Improved

March 21, 2021

Each day last week my hip and leg pain became less and less. So I am doing MUCH better now than when the problem -- which is apparently caused by a disk in my lower back -- suddenly surfaced during a walk last Sunday. The specialist on Tuesday wanted to give me some medication for the pain, but good progress has been made little-by-little without it. I'm not back to normal yet, but I was able to walk for about 15 minutes outside in the flat parking lot yesterday.

Maybe by the end of this week I will be fully recovered. I have a children's meeting in Fukui on Thursday. Getting there should be no problem, since I am now able to drive again. Keeping up with eight to ten lively children will require a bit more agility however.

Back Problems

March 17, 2021

A disk in my lower back has been somewhat out of place for decades and occasionally has caused problems. Well, it became a big problem during a walk late Sunday (3/14) afternoon. It caused pain in my right hip which was so bad that I was hardly able to walk at all. So I saw a specialist yesterday, and he confirmed that it was not a hip joint problem - despite the location of the pain - but came from that one disk. Rest seems to help considerable, and I have felt much better each morning, though it continues to flare up during the day. It seems to be improving. So I hope to be back to normal by the end of the week.

Where in the Bible is Prayer Stressed Most?

March 5, 2021

This evening, as part of message preparation for Sunday, I used Accordance ® to search out which Bible books have the highest count for the common prayer terms, both nouns and verbs. Psalms comes in first, especially if terms like "praise" and "give thanks" are included. If petitions and asking God for help or guidance is the main focus, then Acts comes to the forefront, as I expected it would. (My message for Sunday is on Acts 1:1-14 in which prayer is mentioned (1:14) will be one my four main points.)

Praying in the sense of making petitions is also prominent in Daniel and some of Paul's letters (Philippians, Colossians, Ephesians, etc.) but not in some others (Galatians in particular).

I wrote about some of these search results on today's QuickStop Devotionals page.

3/5 devotional

Missionaries in Serbia (Europe)

March 1, 2021

Word of Life Serbian missionary, Darko Vika, just wrote to us saying, "Thank you very much for offering all this [toaministries.com] materials to us. . . . We will use some . . . for sure! . . . We do our ministry in the Serbian language but will translate your material and use it to reach youth and help them grow in knowing Jesus! The map below shows Serbia and the Vika's location relative to Austria and Romania, all of which are north of Greece.

You can check out the Vika's on the Word of Life Fellowship's missionary giving page. https://give.wol.org/dvika. They are doing a great work in Serbian churches, Bible clubs, and camps during the summer, but they are about 33% under supported.

Homeschools: Seeing the World Differently

February 26, 2021

Users of our new website are most numerous in the U.S. at 183 thanks largely to homeschoolers, and New Zealand is #3 at 25 for the same reason. Japan is #2 at 41, including only one or two home schools at most. Australia, #5 at 15, is gaining fast thanks to "distance education," but homeschooling in Canada, #4 at 20, seems a bit weak. (?) Christian schools are numerous in some African countries (10 users), and there are many in some U.S. states, but not in others.

Sometimes it is good to look at the world differently. This world map is from a New Zealander perspective. By the way, we don't have any users in Antarctica yet, even though it looks so big.

Smart Phones Can Be Trouble.

February 25, 2021

I have been watching the habits of those who view our website, and one disturbing thing has become very clear. Those who use smart phones instead of computers or tablets to view websites usually do not check out multiple pages or download files. They are quick to quit. You can not see much on the small screens, and that easily leads to the wrong assumption that there is really not much to see on the website.

Smart phones have their place, of course, as mobile phones, cameras, and to help speed up communications, but they can NOT replace a computer or tablet. Sadly many use them as if they could.

Word of Life Day

February 25, 2021

The first Bible school that I attended was Word of Life Bible Institute in upstate New York. That was in 1970-71, 50 years ago when that school first started. So yesterday I decided to update my alumni data on the Word of Life (WOL) website and see if I could get some email addresses for Word of Life missionaries and schools around the world. What a find! Word of Life has grown greatly over the years. So I was able to send information about our new website and free materials to missionaries in many countries. I also found some old friends in Bermuda, South Korea, and South Africa. Best of all, perhaps I was able to make some new friends. For instance, Peter in Kenya send us a thank you email, and it looks like he has been checking out the materials already.

"Life is Not Fair, but..." Cards

February 15, 2021

Today, I taught one of Mitsy's more advanced English students for about 30 minutes using the "Life Is Not Fair, but God is." set of cards. It was a good English lesson, since quite a bit of vocabulary, especially adjectives, relates to the four areas of life (physical, mental, material, and social) illustrated with the four different colors, but, more importantly, the cards show that without God and an afterlife life really is unfair.

life is unfair set

Nationwide Ministry

February 7, 2021

This is a photo of Mt. Fuji taken from Mitsy's sister's apartment in Tokyo on a clear winter day. In addition to the mountain, you can clearly see that I put "TOA Minstries" (our publishing name), over the Seiyu department store sign. This is to illustrate our vision to distribute Bible studies all over Japan. -- Last week, a box with six texts went to a church near Tokyo last week, and another similar box went to Okinawa in the far south. Obviously, we are tiny compared to the Seiyu chain, but we are thankful that the work is growing.

more materials going out

January 31, 2021

Yesterday, we received an order for Bible study materials from a large (for Japan) church in the Tokyo area. This church has previously used two other sets that Mitsy translated. Now we have three additional sets ready to use in Japanese, including the Top 55 People in the Bible materials. (cards shown, comes with booklet) Within Japan, it is possible for us to print out and package materials to mail to those who need them. People like hard copies! The English materials for the U.S. etc. can be printed out for free via the website, since it costs too much to ship internationally.

Self Control & the Fruit of the Spirit

January 17, 2021

This morning an old friend, Mr. Y., a retired truck driver, called, and as we talked, he pointed out that self-control is the final virtue in the nine-part Fruit of the Spirit set (Gal. 5:22-23). I had never thought about that before, though I did a lot of study on self-control [temperance] in Peter's Gem (2 Pet. 1:5-7). -- Though Mr. Y. and I now live in different parts of Japan, Bible studies and fellowship by phone are still a frequent blessing.

As we discussed Paul's order in Gal. 5:22-23, we noticed that this self-control at the end of 5:23 comes just before 5:24 which is about avoiding sinful fleshly passions and desires through Christ. So Gal. 5:24 also is about self-control. In addition, walking in the Spirit in 5:25 involves self-control and is how we can avoid provoking and envying one another (5:26). So self-control at the end of Paul's orderly list is closely linked to much of what comes after. Therefore self-control is NOT a minor term compared to love, joy, and peace 5:22)! You might even say that it is climactic.

peter's gem

"Handicapped" No More!

January 13, 2021

Yesterday, I heard about the home going of young Japanese man who was mentally challenged but loved by those in his church. I believe that he was faithful to the Lord in as much as his abilities and inabilities allowed his to be so. Therefore I also believe that God will reward him GREATLY. (He is "handicapped" no more!) Some believers are greatly gifted, most are average, and some are greatly challenged, but it is faithfulness which will be judged.

Thinking of this young man, today, I worked on a new set of cards to use in teaching biblical stewardship. In the past, I used the UNO ® game to do this, but some have misunderstood. I am NOT interested in promoting UNO ® as a game! So a new set of original cards (and instructions) titled "LIFE IS NOT FAIR!" will be coming soon. The subtitle of the material is "GOD IS FAIR!"

life is not fair - cards

Rejoicing in the Snow Plow?

January 8, 2021

We got about two feet of new snow yesterday and today. The local skiers rejoice in the snow, but we are thankful when the snow plow comes. There are no for-hire folks who plow driveways in our area, but the town snow-removal contractor does our small driveway FOR FREE each storm since it is connected to an important parking lot. There is still much snow for us to shovel, but the plow makes it much easier.

That said, Paul shows that it is safer to rejoice in the Lord (Phil. 3:3, 4:4) than in the three C's -- in circumcision (the flesh, 3:3), in circumstances (4:6, 12), or even in citizenship (the government, 3:20). Many in Philippi were retired Roman soldiers. So it was natural for them to rejoice in Roman rule instead of in the Lord of heaven. I believe that is one of the reasons why Paul commanded the Philippians as he did. WE ALSO need to rejoice in the Lord in this time of political and immoral change. (There is a link to a study on this topic above.)

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Bible Top 55 Cards & Solitaire

January 4, 2021

Today, I added print-ready files (pdfs) for the Bible Top 55 cards (English and Japanese) to the Bible Top 55 page. Now it will be easier for users to begin using the Top 55 studies and games. -- I also added a new Top 55 Solitaire game along with a video to demonstrate it.

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New Who's Who in the Life of David Game

December 26, 2020

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I woke up unusually early this morning (before 5 AM), probably because of eating too many delicious Christmas snacks (with chocolate) yesterday! With the early rise, however, came a great new idea to turn the new People in the Life of David Chart (worked on yesterday) into a game board. With this new "game" learning from the 60 or so people on the David summary chart can be a lot of fun.

I had to create a new list to go along with the "game," and that took much of the day, but it is going to be worth it. Over lunch, Mitsy and I talked about using this material in our next youth / teen meeting. Please check out this great new game by clicking the button above or the "David Who's Who" item under the FUN menu on the home page.

Website Published Today!

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December 4, 2020

What a great day it was, but why did it take so long -- nearly nine months in all -- to develop and publish the Toa Ministries website? The answer is obvious. There are 21 great sets of Bible studies, several of which contain 20 or more individual studies! You will not find nearly that many on most other websites, and certainly not if the site is new. It took months to collect and rework studies from the past, write dozens of new ones, and design the actual website itself.

Thankfully, due to the Corvid-19 pandemic, I had more time to work on all this since April than I would have had otherwise. Most of our ministries have continued in modified form since spring, and the work on the website fit in wonderfully with the various messages given and Bible studies taught (online and otherwise) during the period. So 2020 has been a surprisingly good year for the Lord's work!