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David Who's Who Game

a fun way to learn the people in the life of David

The game board or boards can easily be made by cutting along the dotted line which forms an oval shaped border on the People in the Life of David Chart (shown below) and glueing it to a piece of cardboard that has the same shape and size.

Players or teams take turns randomly selecting a person on the game board by closing their eyes and sticking a small pushpin into the area around the outside edge where the names other than David's are found. If the player or team can identify the person which is closest to the pin they earn a point. For instance, if the pin is closest to Joab, he should be identified as the head of David's army. OPTION: If the players know the Bible well they may be required to say more in order to earn a point.

The People in the Life of David LIST concisely identfies the various people on the chart and game board. It also suggests some Bible passages to read. -- In addition, it is good to read about each person in The Complete Book of Who's Who in the Bible by Comfort and Elwell (Tyndall House). -- Remember, the main purpose of the game is to get to know the various people in David's life and to learn from them, not to score points!

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