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Top 55 Bible games that are easy to play and fun.


Why waste time playing Bingo with ordinary Bingo cards? Use the Bible Bingo cards which go with Bible Top 55 list instead for an uplifting game that is biblical as well as fun. The Basic Bible Bingo cards are all linked to the simple-style sample card below.

Click on the sample card above to access the pdf for the complete set of 25 cards. After printing out and distributing cards to players, instruct participants to use the Bible Top 55 list printed on the back to fill in the two blank squares on each of their cards. Then the game is played like any Bingo game, except that the leader should take the opportunity to make helpful, spiritual, and educational comments on the various Bible characters.


You can design your own Bible Bingo cards and games.
For more age-appropriate and group-appropriateBible Bingo games, make your own cards (3X3, 4X4, 5X5, or even 6X6) using selected characters from the Top 55 shown list. (Click and print out a copy to get started.)

For youngest children (ages 5-7), the Bingo cards may be just 3X3 and contain the names of the most familiar Bible characters: Jesus, David, Moses, Abraham, Paul, Peter, Joshua, Pharaoh of the Exodus, John the Baptist, the chief priests, Daniel, Pilate, Noah, Mary, Adam, and / or a few others. The card for each names used should be separated out of the other Top 55 cards. Basic phonics and reading may be taught at this level.

For somewhat older children (ages 8-12), the Bingo cards should be 4X4 and contain the names of some additional Bible characters such as Saul, Solomon, Isaac, Samuel, Joseph (in Genesis), King Ahab, Elijah, Sarah, Job, Gideon, and / or a few others. The 4X4 cards may contain some blank squares to be filled in by the students from the selected cards placed face up on a table. If time and collective knowledge allows, the 4 X 4 Bingo cards may even be totally blank at first.

For teens and older, the Bingo cards can be 4X4, 5X5, or even 6X6, and they may be totally blank and filled in by each player from the Bible Top 55 list shown above. When the 5X5 pattern is used, it is good to write in "the Lord Jesus" in the center square to make the point that Christ is central to all things.

Crossroads Bible Bingo

For more challenging Bible Bingo games, use the more advanced cards linked below. The main differences from the basic card set at the top are: 1.) that the Lord Jesus is always in the central position, 2.) that there are four blank squares to be filled in on each card instead of just two.
   As with the Basic Bingo set, click on the sample card below to access an entire set of cards in a ready to print file.

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