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Check out these 22 studies on animals in the Bible.

Special Animals - Cards & Games

There are 22 studies in the Special Animals set each of which has a worksheet and a page of commentary. Click on the button below to go to the page with the main Special Animals studies.

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The 22 Cards
to use with the "Special Animals in the Bible" series

The two prints below are for the CARD BACKS. For some games, two decks of 22 cards are needed. So two different colored backs are available.

Various Ways to Use the Cards

The set of 22 CARDS which go with the Special Animals studies can be printed using the pdf files above, but be sure to check out the various suggest ways to to used these card. Many of the suggested games are simple and great for children, but the interactive sharing suggestions below are more advanced and good for adults. Click on the print to enlarge and make prints.

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