Lesser-Known People are Important.

All 20 studies on lesser-known women are available in English and Japanese.

The PLUS Bible study method which focuses on both negative and positive aspects of the story is used on all worksheets. There are twelve or more lines on each worksheet which are to be judge as correct (C), incorrect (X), or partly correct (△). Some lines are correct in one way but incorrect in another. Answers and applications are found on the fourth and final page of each study.

Click on the links below to view and print out all four pages of the various studies in English or Japanese.

This family photo with our grandson was taken in October 2019. There were four ladies in the photo. Can you see them all? In the far background, Mitsy's mom was working in the kitchen. Only the back of her head is visible. Like many women in the Bible she does a lot, but is easily overlooked.

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