PROVERBS contains a great variety of highly condensed truth with tremendous potential for life and blessing. In other words, it is full of God-given seeds of wisdom and life. A simple four-step S.E.E.D. process is used to discover them.


Most seeds are small. Likewise most verses in Proverbs can be studied one by one or in tiny packets of two or three verses. The first step is to look at the context and determine the scope of the study.

Earthly things

Proverbs shows that man is sinful and weak. So the second step in the S.E.E.D. study method is to look at earthly factors, the human sin and weakness revealed in the verse(s) being studied.


How is the Eternal One involved? God's existence, creative wisdom, and justice uphold everything in Proverbs. So HE is to be found everywhere. For instance, the most basic reason a man should take care of his work animal (Prov. 12:10) is because God created the animals.


Proverbs is a practical book, showing us the wise and right way to live. Since each proverb is like a seed, we are like farmers who must decide what to do with each seed.

Proverbs 13:13-14Proverbs 3:5-10Proverbs 20:14Proverbs 20:14God in ProverbsProverbs 20:14Proverbs 20:14Proverbs 3:5-10Proverbs 27:1

If proverbs are like seeds, are they also like beans?

Well, like beans, biblical proverbs are very good for you, but I did not like beans for many years. One reason was because the beans I had all looked and tasted exactly the same. There is far more variety in Proverbs than in an ordinary serving of baked beans.

Growing up in New England, we had baked beans every Saturday night. Now, having lived in Japan for nearly 50 years, I have come to appreciate the rich variety served here. There are soy beans in tofu, of course, but some beans are eaten green, like peas. And I even like the sweet beans that are used in snacks including in some ice cream. Yum!

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