Verse Diagraming

by inserting questions

One of the best way to understand and memorize Bible verses is to diagram them in an attractive and logical way. The diagrams used here are made by connecting the phrases in the verse to the main verb (if there is one) with lines and short questions. This is NOT the ugly sentence diagraming method used in English classes!

In the sample below, 1 Pet. 5:7 is diagramed by writing "Casting" inside a box. Then the phrase "all your care" is written and connected to the verb box with lines over which the question "What?" is written. Next the phrase "upon Him" is written and connected to the casting box with a line over which "Where?" is written. Finally, the last phrase "for He cares for you" is written and connected to the verb box with a line with "Why?" over it. The method used will quickly become clear, as you begin making your own verb-centered diagrams.

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