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First Peter means a lot to us personally, because we worked together diagramming portions of the book in Japanese as we were "dating" by correspondence in 1985-1986, before we first met in person. In a way, First Peter was "our first date." The many other Bible studies featured on this website all came later.

The three diagrams featured below are improved English versions of some of those that we put into Japanese in 1986. The main difference is that they look better today because we now have computers, software, and even the internet. We probably looked better back then, however!

That said, Peter's message is what really counts and diagramming helps us see his message more clearly. Diagrams of eternal words are better than earthly photos.

Descriptive Bible Studies

1 Peter 2:21-25

How would you describe the Lord's suffering?
Below twenty-six cards from a Describe-It-Yourself set are used to describe how his suffering is presented in 1 Peter 2:21-25 and some closely related verses.

The suffering of Christ was, of course, one time for all time as shown in 1 Peter 1:11, 2:24, 3:18, and Heb. 7:26-28. Yet in a way, it was also partly repetitive since the Lord was repeatedly reviled by his mockers. Yet each time Christ endured the abuse by looking past his revilers to the One who judges righteously (1 Pet. 2:23).

The Lord's suffering was not just exemplary since he truly bore our sins on the cross (2:24a, Isa. 53:4) as only he could do. However, Jesus also set an example for lowly servants and workers by enduring verbal and social abuse.

Nobody enjoys suffering. Yet, following the Lord's example in such is profitable because God hears the prayers of and helps believers who suffer unjustly (3:10-12). Though it is, of course, impossible to totally emulate the Lord's perfect example, God takes note of those who try with the Spirit's help to do so. For the righteous, there is a happy ending (2:25).

1 Peter 5:6

How would you describe 1 Peter 5:6? Seven Describe-It cards are used to do so in the photo below. Notice that there are two levels. The four cards on the upper level are about God's powerful protection amidst trials and his promise to justly honor his faithful servants in due time, according to his will.

‍On the lower level, three cards show that the verse is about the humbling process that takes place in daily life. In this, we must cooperate with God in line with his command. We can not actually humble ourselves, but we can and must cooperate with God as he humbles us through trials and persecution. He does the humbling, but we must cooperate. So the command to humble yourself in this verse is a special semi-passive one.

MAKING YOUR OWN STUDIES -- with Describe-It-Yourself cards

You can make your own Descriptive Bible Studies using Describe-It-Yourself cards. All you need to do is: 1.) decide what passage(s) you wish to study, 2.) decide whom or what you wish to describe, and then 3.) use a DIY card set to help you describe what or whom you chose.

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