Common Japanese Beliefs

The quest for SECURITY in the present age and life on earth is #1 in Japan. In this, education and belonging, both locally and in the culture as a whole, are very important. As a Venn diagram, the priorities of most Japanese people looks like those shown below.

These diagrams and the supporting points in the lists below were compiled with the aid of several Japanese helpers and cross-cultural experts. They are in line with the the commonly held view by experts on the centrality of security in Japanese culture.

The Venn diagrams above are based on the key cultural points in the lists below.

BIBLE STUDY & MESSAGE USE: This diagram and list work well in conjunction with studies and messages on passages like Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 which shows that the typical Japanese focus on the present is realistic to a certain degree but also greatly misguided since God and eternity must be considered.

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