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Moses Life & Ministry Summary

The points below
are organized in chronological order. Many of them are also color-coded thematically. For instance, the three white cards are about Moses' fine, humble character and how God had worked in his life in Midian for 40 years to make him that way. Simple instructions on usage are included at the bottom of the worksheet.

Failure: Striking the Rock Twice

1.) Why did Moses strike the rock twice instead of speaking to it as the Lord had commanded? 2.) Why were the consequences of doing so so dire? 3.) Why did God command a different method to be used with the rock in Numbers chapter 20 from the one in Exodus? 4.) How was Moses' failure eventually overcome?

The answers to the above questions are shown on the four-step worksheet below. A second blank worksheet is included for personal and group use.

Additional Studies are to be added later.