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These two Bible study methods are extremely helpful. The four-step W.A.L.K. Bible Study method is an in-depth inductive approach. Yet it is easy to understand and use. The Wheel of Discovery tool can be very fast since it is based on scrolling through a list of descriptive terms. Yet it is also very helpful because the user is led to ask himself over a thousand questions in quick succession. Is there another Bible study or meditation tool that does this? Probably not.


The Top 55 list of those who are mentioned most in the Bible, begins, of course with #1, Jesus. The cards are great for teaching and educational games. (There are many different games.) The booklet is for reference & study. -- In English or Japanese

Wheel of Discovery

How would you describe various events, things, verses, and passages in the Bible? The 1,400+ descriptive terms on the master list will help you quickly and accurately describe anything and anyone in the Bible.
   You can quickly scroll past many terms and go on to spend more time thinking about others.

The amount of careful research which underlies these three, somewhat overlapping sets is amazing. The counts for the various Bible characters include their titles as well as their names. Therefore even unnamed people are included. Also, importantly these sets can be used many different ways, including in various educational games making use of card sets.


The Top 55 list of those who are mentioned most in the Bible, begins, of course with #1, Jesus. The cards are great for teaching and educational games. (There are many different games.) The booklet is for reference & study. -- In English or Japanese


Which of the women in the Bible are mentioned more? The list shows the top ranked women from 1 to 60. Sarah is #1, and Esther is #2. How high is Mary ranked?
   The cards are for many fun games, and teaching, in English or Japanese.


The top list in this booklet is of the people in the Bible ranked from 1 to ~385. Other lists are topical or alphabetical. These lists are great for reference, study, games, and quizzing.

The sets on Psalm 119 show that the Word and prayer are two foundational aspect of the life of faith and service. Strong evidence indicates that Jeremiah was the author of Psalm 119. So these sets of studies are closely linked.

22 Devotional Hikes

The 22 stanza in Psalm 119 are like 22 trail sections. There is an application at the end of each devotional trail report. The trail analogy helps with understanding and making applications.

Various Studies

One key study in this set shows why Jeremiah was probably the author of Psalm 119. For instance, verse 46 shows that the author was a prophet rather than a king like David. There are detailed studies and games.

Through Jeremiah
without getting lost

A color-coded summary chart of the book is used like a great map. Without it, it is easy to get lost in Jeremiah. Both Jeremiah and Psalm 119 contain a lot about persecution and how to overcome it.

The set of studies on people in the life of David covers most of the important people in the king's life. The set on Solomon is detailed in various ways, including by bringing out the similarities between Solomon's peaceful kingdom and the coming millennial kingdom. The set of Proverbs contains a number of detail summary charts, such as one on where God is mentioned. Moreover, the S.E.E.D. study method used in Proverbs is a wonderful tool.

People in David's Life

These 21 studies include many lesser-known men and women such as: Michal, Mephibosheth, Abigail, Uriah, and the prophet Gad. -- The set is available in English and Japanese. -- Some games are included.


The third king of Israel is impressive in many ways but is rarely studied. This set of seven studies is practical and devotional. Yet it also develops key prophecy related points that are often missed.
    Most of these studies make use of Describe-It-Yourself terms and the Wheel of Discovery method.


The main purpose of the S.E.E.D. studies is to assure that God is never overlooked. The reading of chapters as "Salads" helps us appreciate all the healthy, God-given variety. And the various Summary charts are for hearty, in-depth studies.

The color-coded, in-depth summary charts of the four Gospels are uniquely detailed yet concise. The commentary on John contains some unique summary features such as "the three-fold cord of genuine faith." Peter's hierarchy of love in 2 Peter 1:5-7 is a largely overlooked, unique passage. Several video messages are included in this set.

The Four Gospels

GRAPHICS: color-coded, topical summary charts, and chapter-by-chapter data on various themes. Each chart has all four Gospels together on one page. There is also a "Find Waldo" like game. -- in English or Japanese


John is about genuine belief in Jesus and is approached in two ways. First, questions asked in John are studied in a creative, interactive way. Second, a unique format is used in a commentary of over 200 pages. (This is now being revised and edited.)

Christian Life Design
In 2 Peter 1:5-7

Peter gave us an orderly blueprint of the Christian life, from faith to love, in which none of the eight virtue may be skipped.
   The first step of adding virtue means to do good based on faith, like those in Hebrew 11. The final three virtues are all forms of service.

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