This is some of the best Bible study material the Lord has allowed us to develop over the past 45 years! We have been amazed by the number of different ways that it can be used. The files for this set include LISTS, CARDS, a BOOKLET, and INSTRUCTIONS with 15 suggested ways to use the material for teaching and FUN (!!!) educational games. There are even three short VIDEOS demonstrating the set in use. This set is also available in Japanese.

Who are the top four people in the Bible? It is fun to quiz your friends on who is mentioned most. The top three are easy, but everyone is surprised that King Saul is number four. This sounds like Bible trivia, but it is not.

'Why' questions turn trivia quizzing into serious study. The central message of the Top 55 is that the world needs the King of kings, the Lord Jesus, since other human ruler all fail, Saul being a prime example.

Those who take Christian living seriously often look down on games, because they wrongly assume that anything that is fun can not be very important. This set shows that this kind of thinking is a serious error.

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BIBLE TOP 55 CARDS - Print ready (English)BIBLE TOP 55 CARDS - Print ready (Japanese)
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