Who are the top four people in the Bible? It is fun to quiz your friends on who is mentioned most. The top three are easy, but everyone is surprised that King Saul is number four. This sounds like trivia, but 'why' questions turn trivia into serious study. The central message of the Top 55 is that the world needs the King of kings, the Lord Jesus, since other human ruler all fail. Saul is a prime example.

The files for this great set include LISTS, CARDS, a BOOKLET, and INSTRUCTIONS with 15 suggested ways to use the material for teaching and FUN. There are even three short VIDEOS demonstrating the set in use. And it is available in both English and Japanese.

Bible Top 55 List

Click on the first page of the list which is shown below to access the complete list.

Bible Top 55 Booklet

This is a 64 page booklet with one page for each of the top 55 people in the Bible plus an introduction and the list itself. Most pages have four or five questions and the answers thereto. So each page is a mini Bible study. The booklet is also a great referent tool to use with the Top 55 cards and games.

Click on the orange button below to access the entire booklet.

Bible Top 55 BOOKLET
(in English)

Bible Top 55 BOOKLET
(in Japanese)

three sample pages in English

three sample pages in Japanese

Bible Top 55 Instructions

These four pages of instructions show 15 fun, and educational ways to use the Bible Top 55 cards and lists. Click on the various page for a larger view or click on the button at the top in order to print out all four pages.

Links to Various Top 55 Games

There are many ways to use the Bible Top 55 set (lists, cards, and booklet). Many of these are mentioned in the instructions above. Some are demonstrated in the video's below, but there are also additional pages of explanations.

For instance, check out various Top 55 Bingo games. A sample "Crossroads Bible Bingo" card is shown here. It is used in one of the most advanced Bingo games and helps demonstrate that Christ is always central in the Bible.

Links to Similar Material

There are only four women in the Bible Top 55, but there are more in the Top 100. How high is Abigail ranked? Who is ranked #56? What about the apostles other than Peter (#13)? What about the judges other than Gideon (#48)? For answers to these and other questions, check out these data-rich sets.

Bible Top 55 Videos

These short videos provide examples of how to use the Top 55 Card. PLEASE (!) check them out.

In this video, I competed against a viewer to see who could draw  the higher ranking cards. I won the first round because John the Baptist (#22) outranks Esther (#42), but in the end the viewer won. Best of all, we enjoyed thinking about various people in the Bible.

I began with nine random stacks of cards and removed two cards at a time by linking them in some way. For instance, King Zedekiah was an evil king that Jeremiah confronted. The goal is to link and remove as many cards as possible. I had about ten cards left after eight minutes. It would probably be better to use 12 random stacks and allow about ten minutes.

This video demonstrates how to use 12 selected Top 55 cards to teach through Genesis in an small group session in which everyone participates. Though the Top 55 cards are often used for games, this video shows that they are a great teaching tool as well.

Bible Top 55 Cards

Click on the sample cards shown below to access and print out the entire set in English or Japanese.

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