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Check out these many ways to Study God's VIP's

To view or print out the entire 42 page VIP Booklet with several sets of lists with games, click this large button. To view or obtain the VIP's material a piece at a time use the five smaller buttons further down the page.

God's Vip's
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1. Alphabetical Studies & Games

Give yourself or the players / teams a few minutes to write out as many as you or they can. Abraham, Aaron, Adam, Ahab, etc. Who got the most? Did you remember Abigail and Apollos? Have fun and think about the Bible at the same time. After your finish with the "A" people, try "J." That will be even easier.

This game may seem silly, but it has a serious purpose! A large percentage of Christians in many churches do not really know the Bible, and some of them have been in church for years. This game is a fun and educational way to show many of those who play it that they need to do something about their biblical illiteracy.

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2. Bible Top 55 Set: Lists, Games, Cards, Booklet

is included in the 42 page VIP Booklet, but users should check out the detailed Top 55 Page by clicking the button below since there are links to far more Top 55 material, including SEVERAL GAMES, A SET OF CARDS, and A BOOKLET.

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3. Top 60 Women List & Games

Using the Top 60 Women in the Bible list, it is fun to ask questions like the following and earn points for correct answers. Who is mentioned more in the Bible Ruth (#8) or Rehab (#41)? How about Leah (#7) and Rachel (#3) or Delilah (#51) and Samson's wife (#38)? They are different people you know!

The women on the Alphabetical List are shown with RED letters. So you can use it to find them quickly, but how many can you or your groups name and write down without looking them up?

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Top 60 Women List
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This may seem trivial, but . . .
there is an urgent need for many in our evangelical churches to discover that they really do not know the Bible well. Often evangelism, attendance, worship, or preaching are stressed, but faithful Bible reading and biblical education are not.

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4. Creative Research using the 365+ List

There are more than 365 individuals in the Bible who are mentioned six times or more. So you could study one a day for a year and never run out, but that is NOT the best way to use this great list. It can easily be broken down into shorter topical lists and learning by doing by doing so is far better than always being fed selected parts of the Bible by someone else. Make your own topical lists and think about those who are on it. If possible, do this as a group and discover many new things together. Two of many possible topics are suggested below.

How about compiling a short list of well-known bad kings and thinking about and discussing them to see if there were any common problems in their lives? You might ask what Saul (#4), Ahab (#15), the Pharaoh of the Exodus (#21), would-be-king Absalom (#23), Zedekiah (#34), and Rehoboam (#39) had in common. The lust for power? Prideful resistance to God? The fear of man? If necessary, limit your study to just two or three.

There are many unnamed women on the Top 365+ list. So scan the list and think about: the Shulaminte in Song of Solomon (#66), the virtuous wife in Proverbs chapter 31 (#104), Samson's mother (#127), the Levite's concubine in Judges chapters 19-20 (#139), the wise woman of Takoa in 2 Sam. 14:1-24 (#160), Jairus' daughter (#189), the witch of En Dor (#204), the Samaritan woman (#223), the queen of Sheba (#268), David's mother (#318), etc. If necessary, limit your study to just a few unnamed women, while keeping in mind that there are many.

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5. Using Jesus' Titles List

As God the Son and our Savior, Jesus is the Greatest of all VIP in the Bible. So he has many titles in the New Testament. Some of these are used much more than others, however, as this ranked list shows.

The instructions for fun educational ways to use this list is attached to the list itself. Click below.

Jesus' N.T. Titles List
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