The main reason is probably because it is very easy to get lost in its 52 chapters. This set of studies will change that and help you be blessed in Jeremiah as a whole for the first time. Check out the color-coded chart below and the five Bible studies that go with it.

The Jeremiah chart can be taught by playing this game. After the chart and outline has been explained by a leader, a player or team chooses a passage in the Book which is clearly labeled such as "Jeremiah called" in chapter one. (It can not be a passage with only verse numbers on it.) The other players then ask questions to try to find where the first player or team is located, asking as few questions as possible. (Each question asked is worth one point.)

For instance, they might ask, "Are you in a passage about Jeremiah?" The answer would be yes. (Such passages are labeled in yellow.) Next they might ask, "Are you in the first 19 chapters?" Again the answer would be yes. -- It is ok to ask questions about a range of chapters, BUT two such questions can not be asked in a row. -- So the next question might be, "Are you in a passage in which Jeremiah prayed?" The answer would be no. Next the question might be, "Are you in chapters one through nine?" The answer would be yes, and with a few more questions the person would be located in chapter one.

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