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Top 55 Bible game that's fun for ONE - or more

Why waste time playing solitaire with ordinary playing cards? Use the Bible Top 55 cards instead for a challenging game that is biblical as well as fun. Lay out the cards on the table or desk in random order in from nine to twelve stacks. Then begin removing two cards at a time by linking them in some way.

For instance, based on the stacks shown below, King Jeroboam and King Rehoboam were both kings at the same time, one in the north (Israel) and one in the south (Judah). So these two cards could be removed by pointing this out. Similarly, Ahasuerus (Xerxes) and Mordecai are both in the book of Esther. So these two could be removed by pointing this out. The goal is to remove as many cards from the game as possible in eight to ten minutes.

Bible Top 55 Solitaire does not need to be solitary, for it can be played by a small group, as everyone helps eliminate cards by linking Bible characters on the top cards in the various stacks.

Certain links are not allowed because they are too simple. For instance, no player should link cards by saying, "They are both men." In addition, players, other than beginners, should not be allowed to link cards by saying, "They are both kings / prophets." More detailed links, such as "They were both Gentile kings." are ok.

"They are both in Genesis / Samuel / Esther." "They are both in the Gospels / the New Testament / Hebrews chapter 11." "They were both active during the Babylonian captivity." "They were both military leaders." "They are both Gentiles / women."

Sometimes the player is not clear on the correctness of a link. For instance, he may not know for sure if a certain king is in the line of the Messiah or not. In this case, the link is to be accepted but checked later. The game should not be stopped because of an uncertainty.

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