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Top 55 Linking Game

A Thought-Provoking Game - on the Bible Top 55

At the beginning of the game, all the Bible Top 55 cards are placed face down on a table. Then they are turned over two at a time, with players taking turns. Cards remain face up until someone is able to claim them by LINKING two or more cards as described above. The links can only be made by a player when it is his or her turn. The links can be by family or other close relationship, by a logical point of some sort, or in other ways that the players agree upon. Unclear links can be rejected by a majority vote of the players.


Some of the links, such as within families, are easy to see. For instance, Joseph (#11) was one of Jacob (#6) and Rachel's (#48) sons and is easily linked to them along with Benjamin (#50) his brother. Other links are a bit more difficult. For instance, Joshua (#12) and Joan (#18) were both military leaders and Adam and Noah are both in the early chapters of Genesis. The categories in the lists below can be used to help link the Bible characters, but simply saying that Ahab (#15) and Zedekiah (#34) were both kings is not enough. Pointing out that they were both bad kings is better.

Since the links can be difficult to see, it is often better to form teams rather than play as individuals. Also the leader(s) should give hints to help the game have more depth and progress smoothly. For instance, when a link is made which seems too simple or basic, the leader(s) should, if possible, help add more information to the link.

Faster-paced linking games are also possible. For instance, teams can compete in forming linked groups of cards as fast as possible rather than taking turns. The category lists below can be used in doing this by beginners. Mature players should try to form links and group cards without using the lists. After the fast-paced game ends and the winners are declared, time should be made for discussion and study.

TOP 55 SOLITAIRE is a solo linking game which is fun as well as challenging.

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