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using a classic game for fast & fun Bible studies

The RACK-O ® game by Winning Moves Games has been around for years. It has 60 numbered cards and several racks to keep the cards in order. To win, a player must get ten cards in numerical order by discarding cards and drawing new ones from the fresh-card deck or from the top of the discarded cards pile. The game is available via Amazon and big-box stores. It's a lot of fun as is, and it is easily adapted for use with the Bible Top 55 cards.

The Bible Top 55 ranked cards can be substituted for the 60 cards that come with the RACK-O ® set and the game played nearly the same way. -- However, when a card is discarded in our version of the game, the player should say something negative (if possible) about the Bible character on the card as an explanation of why the card is being discarded. For instance, if card #9 (Nebuchadnezzar) is being discarded, the player might say, "The Babylonian king was proud at first."

1.) If a player does not know what to say about a discarded card / character, others in the group are free to help. 2.) If nothing negative is possible to say, such as in the case of Joseph (#11) or Daniel (#35), simply point out that no sin is recorded in the Bible. 3.) For more than four players to play, teams must be formed or two RACK-O ® game sets purchased and two sets of Bible Top 55 cards used. 4.) It is probably best to play at least one round of RACK-O ® with the usual 60 cards before switching to the Bible Top 55 cards.

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