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These seven sets for women and girls are rich in variety and detail, though some are much more so than others.

in the Bible

The list is of the most mentioned women in the Bible ranked from 1 to 60. The cards are for many fun games, and teaching. - In English or Japanese

Women in the Gospels

The color-coded chart of the Gospels show where woman are mentioned most. The four Gospels are shown together on one page in an easy to use format. Education games are included.

Lesser-Known Women

The 20 studies include: Asenath, Joseph's Wife, Moses Mother, Naomi's Neighbors, Phoebe, Peter's Wife, and the noble woman in 2nd. John.


Did you know that the Shulamite, the beloved bride, is the sixth most mentioned woman in the Bible? Of course, she is not mentioned by name, but Solomon spoke to her in many loving ways. Her brothers played an important role in her life as well.


A good worksheet allows much to be discovered without wasting space and time. The Ladies in Luke worksheet is one of the best ever in that regard. It is short and simple, yet profound.


Five study methods are used in the Esther set. Four main characters are in the Bible Top 55, and these are studied using the "Esther Top Four" game. Another study is on seeing God in the Book, even though He is not directly mentioned.


Women are mentioned more frequently in Ruth than in any other Bible book. The lives of Naomi and Ruth were not easy, but God's blessing came to them in Bethlehem.

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