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Check out these three great ways to study Ruth.

1. The Emphasis on Women in Ruth

Thanks to Bible search programs, this question is now easy to answer. The frequency with which "woman" and "women" appear is much higher in RUTH than in any other book. (First Timothy is a distant second.) If terms such as mother(s), sister(s), daughter(s), daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, wife, wives, widow(s), and nurse are included in the search, RUTH stands out even more.

This graph shows that the highest frequency is at the end of chapter two and in the first part of chapter three. Since Ruth is a short book, why not read through Ruth looking for these terms and thinking about the special emphasis on women?

2. Naomi's Neighbors

The main characters in the book of Ruth are revealed through their interactions with the lesser-known ones. So this study is focused on the women in Bethlehem who spoke to Naomi in chapter one when she returned from Moab and praised Ruth and named her son near the end of the book in chapter four. It is one of about twenty studies on Lesser-Known Women in the Bible.

3. Four-Color Character Studies

Let's take turns spinning the arrow and randomly discussing the financially situation (green), physically condition (red), social position (yellow), and God-given wisdom (blue) of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz! Four categories times three main characters = 12 important topics. This is a great way to think through the entire Book of Ruth using the "Life Is Not Fair, but..." spinner and (optional) cards.

Life is Not Fair, but...
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