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The north pole points to God, the One to be served, and the south pole points to the sin which is no longer to be served (Rom. 6:6). We are saved to serve the Lord, and he has provided direction for doing so. Yet it is easy to selfishly stray toward 'the West' for personal reasons or toward 'the East' with others by giving in to group pressure or simply going along with bad companions. --- The Bible upholds BOTH personal responsibity before God AND the value of fellowship and service with others in the local church. Both are biblical even though they are as different as East and West.

"the dark side of sociology"

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Socially-Sensitive Bible Studies

looking closely at the individual AND the group

Each study in this set has two worksheet. One is usually on the key individual in the passage, while the other is usually concerned with the group that is present. This socially-sensitive approach reveals far more than a study that is only focused on an individual. Each of the six studies linked below is special!

All four pages of the study in John :53-8:11 are shown below. Notice the two worksheets, one on the woman taken in adultery and the other on her accusers. The studies in this set are called Double Top Bible Studies because of the dual focus on an individual and a group.