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Selected Top Bible Peope

Check out these studies onTop people in the Bible.

The studies in this set make use of the Descriptive Meditation Method. In most cases, the person being studied is described. A worksheet with instruction is provided. In addition, notes are added to explain the worksheet points and provide other important information.


The Moses worksheet
points below are organized in chronological order. Many of them are also color-coded thematically. For instance, the three white cards are about Moses' fine, humble character and how God had worked in his life in Midian for 40 years to make him that way. Simple directions on how to use the worksheet are at the bottom.

The Moses notes
below help explain and apply the various summary points on the worksheet above.

Additional Studies
on selected individuals on the Bible Top 55 list will be added to this page in coming weeks at a rate of about one per week.