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The Four Gospels Charts are wonderful tools for detailed and serious studies in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Yet, they also can be used to teach the Gospels in fun and interactive ways which we usually call "games." These also are "drills" which are somewhat like the old "Sword Drill" games that have been used to help beginners learn the books in the Bible.

The simplest drill method is for a leader to call out an event or specific character in the Gospels such as "the Transfiguration" after which each participant uses the chart to find a chapter in the Gospels with that story and shout it out for all to hear. For instance, someone might say "Matthew 17" and earn a point for his or her team. Others might shout out "Mark nine" or "Luke nine" and earn points as well since the transfiguration is in three of the Gospels. (Please check this on the chart below.)

1.) Participants should not be allowed to look at the chart until after the search item has been explained by the leader and he or she says "Go!" 2.) To avoid the same person giving too many answers, there may be a maximum number of points that any participant can earn. 3.) The leader or leaders (More than one is better.) must be prepared and alert in order to determine who speaks correctly first. If there is a dispute, more than one winner can be allowed for the same correct answer.

The leader(s) should have a specific emphasis in mind when choosing events or people to be searched for during a drill session. Also, the leader(s) should be prepared to speak and teach on the events, people, and the emphasis.

learning the Gospels AND having fun doing it

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