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SIN NOT! - Don't be like...

a serious study of sin - in the form of a game

practical theology with personal applications

Each participant should show between one and three random Bible Top 55 cards per round depending on the number of players. (At least five cards in total should be shown each time.) Then the participants try to come to a consensus on which card shows the most sinful character. There will often be debate about this, but certain sinners stand out more than others. (See the list below.) For instance, it is fair to say that the Pharaoh of the Exodus was worse than Peter, even though Peter sinfully denied the Lord three times. (Pharaoh denied the God of Israel more than ten times!) Regardless of the difficulty, a "top sinner" must be chosen in order to determine a single LOSER in each round, the participant who held the worst card.

Next the loser of the round and others should say something personal and specific about not wanting to be like the person on the card who was chosen as the "top sinner" in the round. (The purpose of the study / game is to think seriously about sin in order to try to avoid it.) Discussion is encouraged. Some positive applications should be made as well.

1.) If a consensus on the "top sinner" can not be reached, a coin flip or some other random means may be used. 2.) If a Bible character on a card is not well known, the leader should consult the Bible Top 55 Booklet and the Scriptures mentioned therein. 3.) Lest the studies become too negative, the possibility of personal repentance and salvation may be included in the discussion. 4.) If the participants do not know the Bible well, the study leader should remove some of the more difficult cards from the deck before beginning the study / game. 5.) Leaders must control the discussion lest the studies become quick superficial games with little meaning OR so detailed and long that participants are frustrated and bored.

  2. Absalom (23)
  3. Ahab (15)
  4. Antichrist (55)
  5. Balaam (42)
  6. chief priests (31)
  7. Haman (54)
  8. Jeroboam (29)
  9. Pharaoh of the Exodus (21)
  10. Pilate (41)
  11. Zedekiah (34)
  12. What were their main sins?

At the end of the study / game, the top sinners from the various rounds should be compared in order to discover common faults such as pride, selfishness, physical lust, the lust for power, and the fear of man. It also will be helpful to discuss how the various sinners excused their behavior and transferred blame to others (Gen. 3:12).

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